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Artist collective profiles


Aarathi Sunil

Architect, interior designer and artist, Aarathiu gets inspired by nature and is passionate about abstract floral compositions. Through the flowers she paints and the colors she uses, she portrays her ideas and thoughts but also deeper emotions such as warmth, love and happiness.


Ana Liz Cordero

My sensitivity to art was born when I was little.

At the beginning I painted as a hobby, but then it became my profession. My parents saw my talent and sent me to study in Canada to learn art techniques and how to use materials such as acrylic, oil and sculpture techniques.

When I returned back to Ecuador in 2000 I opened
a small studio where I started selling my paintings.

In 2018 I finished my Master’s Degree in Spain.

Finally, in 2019 I decided to move to Dubai and dedicate myself to art, starting my career as a full-time artist.


Brenda Steegmans

Brenda was given a "Wild Card". She is a Belgian pediatric physio, cranio sacral therapist and body worker with more than 20 of experience. For the last 8 years, she practiced and worked with babies and children here in Dubai. For this art work she explored what her hands can do on in a new way.


Cristina Grigore

Cristina is a self-taught Romanian artist currently living in Dubai, U.A.E. Her medium is acrylic and her work is mostly composed of abstract and seascape paintings.
Cristina likes to experiment with different mediums and styles of painting. Through her work she tries to express the feeling of freedom.


Eman AlHashemi

Eman AlHashemi is a multidisciplinary artist from Dubai. She graduated with a BA in Fine art from the University of Sharjah in 2016. Her interest creating started through the enjoyment of process, repetition and mundane tasks. Her artwork is a culmination of objects, sculptural forms, books, installations and prints to convey different ideas through the repetition and interplay of materiality. The objects create fictional landscapes using imitations and replications of reality.


Kimberley McGowan

Going through the hustle and bustle of life from being an Emirates airline Cabin Crew to An Event & Art Curator working with Royals, 5 Star hotels, Celebrities, Interior Designers, Architects, Artists & the creatives to understand each one and create their vision bringing it to life, emotion through art or expressing their personality whether it be a luxury art piece studded with precious crystals to protect, to heal, to enlighten a soul through visual arts or a simple water coloured scenery I consider it to be a gift & an honor to create to simply see a smile is highly gratifying. Art as therapy for healing, exploring basic concepts and ideas that it represents, then you can learn a lot about yourself through your own creative expression. It’s something you can do on your own to just relieve stress, discover yourself in new ways. It’s also something you can do with other people. It’s truly a beautiful thing when you’re sharing art in an open, friendly, loving environment with other people that are on the same wave or on your own in the comfort of your home exploring your creative muse.
Art strengthens relationships, Art is the WiFi of positive energy that enables you to connect the dots of life.
Art is the music of my soul


Lui Bakhmullaeva

Lui, an artist originally from a small town in Azerbaijan started her journey in her home country where she exhibited together with other artists. She continued her artistic life here in the UAE. She not only explored clay modeling but Lui designed and handmade some children's fashion collections as well before getting completely immersed in drawing and painting with watercolor. Through her work Lui invites you into her own little, magical world.


Mojdeh Sh Dadkhah

Her passion for art goes back to 1998 where she voluntarily surrounded herself with highly reputable artist and school, getting her Fine Art BA.
She exposed herself to different art forms such as Portraiture, Figure, Drawing and Sculpture, this offered her an ability to mix and create her own new style .


Noor Bahjat Al Massri

Bahjat is a surrealist self-portrait artist working in a painterly expressionistic style with a primarily figurative subject matter. Creating deeply atmospheric canvases with her reoccurring female protagonist, Bahjat is able to address the intricacies of life. Upon visiting the Philippines in 2016 Bahjat’s palette and visual narrative drastically changed, moving (away from dark and static compositions) towards illuminated backgrounds incorporating elements of nature and water within her portraits. Allowing her subconscious to take control Bahjat depicts densely filled imaginative narratives in still-life settings that yearn towards a more simple life.


Rabab Tantawy

Rabab is an Egyptian artist living in Dubai for the past 17 years. As a child, she grew up watching her mother draw and make things with her hands every single day and that’s how she learned to work with a free spirit.
Years later she started to take painting lessons and developed her own style. She is inspired by artists like Paul Guiragossian and Henri Matisse, and is always on the search for new inspiration. The creation of her art is a rather intuitive and discovering process.


Sarah Hatahet

Sarah Hatahet (b. 1986) is an Amman-based illustrator, printmaker and art curator. She graduated from Jordan University in 2008 with a BA in fine arts and printmaking.
Her practice includes printmaking, digital illustration and mixed media on paper works. In her work, she delves into her own memories and digs into past experiences with people she's crossed paths with, she touches on emotional memories and emotional intelligence. These people when translated to paper lose many of their physical characteristics and become gender neutral characters that carry only the weight of the memory the artist has with them. Her characters are smiling, laughing, crying, loosely attached to each other and sometimes merging into one physical form.


Sumaya Jawal

Sumaya is an artist specialized in making personalized art dolls. She makes amazing outfits, all sewn or knitted by hand, Sumaya gratefully creates, sculpts and paints every single one of these one-of-a-kind dolls, tailored to perfection. She's living her dream and spreading happiness and joy


Almyra Duarte

I'm Almyra Duarte, South African based in the UAE. My work is
inspired by my love for exploring colours. Through textures, forms,
colours and gesture marks, I focus on creating various colour-tone
work to showcase my inherited and self-tought talent.
I primarily use acrylic mediums and explore various techniques and
tools to create a piece of art that reflects a mood or a message. I
value perspective and the diversity of representations.
I believe that mental and physical wellbeing is key to balance and
happiness and as long as we are grateful for everything we have
then we will always have enough.


Anna Tangles

Anna grew up in Dubai and studied Fine Arts at the the American University in Dubai. She graduated with a Bachelor in Fine Arts and She doodled as a creative exercise and outlet. 10 years later, her "doodling" has become my passion. Constantly exploring lines, patterns, shapes, and experimenting with various drawing tools and techniques.


Caroline Ghantous

Using watercolor as my primary medium, the female form is the focus of my work, where I emphasize the sacred beauty of a woman’s body, mind and soul. Depicted in a whimsical and dreamy form, my work brings out the power and softness of femininity. I create paintings that highlight the depth and character that a woman portrays with her hair and eyes and strip everything else away. The strength in the eyes and the femininity expressed by the hair represent a woman’s unique duality that transcends culture.


Dina Fawakhiri

With 15 years' experience in the advertising industry, Dina Fawakhiri made a career shift from Creative Director to pursue her passion as a self employed Illustrator in 2016. Her love of storybooks as a child had stayed with her, and developed throughout the years through quick freehand sketching and bold lines. Her simple yet expressive style has become her unique and very recognizable signature.


Fatima Sherjan

Fatima Sherjan, a business graduate, originally from Pakistan but based in Dubai, UAE for the past 12 years.

Art has changed the dimension of life for her since the day she picked up the paint brush, there has been no looking back.

Art is the best way to put your dreams out there for the world to see. Her art involves a lot of colors to tell a story! She is fascinated by the overwhelming beauty of flowers, we all need beauty in life !!


Lena Kassicieh

Lena Kassicieh is a Palestinian-American ceramicist, photographer and mixed-media artist currently based in Dubai, UAE. Having lived between the deserts of New Mexico and Jordan, she completed her masters of science degree in cultural and social anthropology at the University of Amsterdam, conducting her research on the development of nuanced global identities. Her work is multidisciplinary and experimental in its nature, including illustrations, ceramics, collages, sketchbooks, acrylic paintings and photographs. Throughout the various mediums in which she works, elements of her interests in anthropology and the psychology of human activity emerge; her photography often observes the melancholy found in daily life, and the impact of globalization on design and advertisements. Her collage work and ceramics combine texture and a distinct colour palette to instill a sense of whimsy and curiosity, and are methods the artist uses to organize her internal thoughts.


Madonna Rammal

Madonna is a senior graphic designer and free hand artist/muralist. She loves customize anything from shoes to perfume boxes and art pieces.


Muna Amareen

Muna Amareen is a Jordanian visual artist currently based in Dubai. She received her BA in fine arts and specialized in printmaking from Jordan University in 2008. Before moving to Dubai in 2014, she co-founded ‘the studio’ a printmaking studio and gallery in Amman, where she produced work, exhibited, and taught printmaking workshops. Muna’s career is currently focused on three strands, art education, producing personal artworks and collaborating with clients to create custom commissioned artwork.


Noor Zahra

Noor Zahra, MSc in Interior design and home furnishing, was born in Pakistan and has been living and working in Dubai since 2012. A few years ago she explored painting and she fell in love with it. The process of creating art is therapeutic and amazingly rewarding. Her work shows an incredible journey through vibrant colors, inspired by nature, passion and emotions.


Rowaida Hakim

Rowaida Hakim is a visual artist based in Dubai - United Arab Emirates . Working in an abstract and expressionist style, her paintings capture the world around her through vibrant colors, gestural brushstrokes and intricate with gold leafs.

Rowaida began creating her art at the age of seven years old. During her childhood she was drawn to working in a variety of mediums, including painting, ceramic, jewelry, beadwork an also, gold. She was always pulled to working with gold. She loved its scintillating appearance and vibrant luster. “Painting is my ticket to travel to different worlds,” says Rowaida. “I use my painting to journey to happy places that are full of love and peace. “It’s my tool to deliver positive messages to the world and share happiness, kindness and love.”


Shereen Shalhoub

Shereen is a ceramics artist born in Amman, Jordan. In 2006 she owned
a virtual gallery in Amman before enrolling in art appraisal at NYUSCP at New York
University and worked with Bortolami Gallery while attending the Art Students League of
New York.  Here, she practiced different techniques such as egg tempera and oil painting
under the supervision of artist Jack Faragasso. She has been residing and working in
Dubai for 16 years and started working with ceramics as a longing for further
dimensionality in her work. Her process started with sculpture as she explored with texture and density versus fragility,
and through all the stages; she found multiple emotional links. This drove her to create
works of art that can be more immersive such as installations, whereby she was able to
indulge all the senses by using space, light and sound.


Taqwa Alnaqbi

Taqwa Alnaqbi, born in Khorfakkan and currently living and working in Sharjah. She completed a bachelor of Fine Arts at College of Fine Arts and Design in University Of Sharjah in 2016. Taqwa works mostly on projects that incorporate handmade papers and mixed media. Her artwork is inspired by personal experiences that come from her surroundings, which she savors and celebrates through her art.


Amani Eltigani Korbijn

Amani, a Sudanees artist who grew up in the UAE, got the love of drawing, creating and sketching creating from her artistic family. She studied architecture and design in Jordan and the Czech Republic before moving back to the UAE where she started her pottery journey. Through her art, and especially ceramics Amani sends the power of healing the soul into this world.


Audrée Marsolais

Audrée Marsolais is a Visual Artist and Graphic Designer with over 19 years of experience in the field of art and design. She is also an experienced workshop facilitator and intuitive art teacher. Originally from Canada, she moved to the UAE in 2015 and has been living in Ras al-Khaimah creating colorful, uplifting and original art.


Chandni Patel

Chandni Patel was born in India and grew up her entire life in Dubai, she graduated from the American University in Dubai with a Bachelor in Fine Arts in
interior design. Chandni discovered her passion for art when she began exploring various mediums,
such as, resin, acrylics and watercolors. Mixed media art became her preferred
method of expression.
“I am mesmerized by the beauty of nature; it can be manipulated but never fully
controlled. I find that resin has a similar organic quality and a mind of its own,
which I have fallen in love with,” says the artist.
The details are her favorite part of the process where she carefully adds in line
work using alcohol inks & paint pens. The final touch is added by using genuine
23 karat gold leaf and quartz crystals.
Chandni’s art is a collaboration of various mediums which create a vibrant
symphony of colors & textures.


Dina Saadi

Dina Saadi is an artist and muralist currently based in Dubai. Born in Russia and raised in Syria to graduate with a BA in fine arts, she uses art to speak her mind and to showcase her ideas.
Dina's art is inspired by nature, it depicts the diversity of urban spaces; the characteristics of modern life; the allure of wildlife; the beauty of plants and the mystery of natural elements. She has worked with brands like Nike, Apple, Audi, Levi’s, Estée Lauder and many more. She has also participated in a number of street art festivals & global projects and painted on some of the walls in the Middle East, Europe, USA, Asia, and Africa.
Her mission in life is simple; use the street as a canvas and adds colors to lives in the process. She hopes to bring social change through her murals; to bring vibrancy; to transform public spaces into galleries and to tackle global challenges.


Fleur Josephine

Fleur Josephine is a full-time artist from the Netherlands currently living and working in Dubai. Fleur is most known for her colorful portraits, often of people and animals. Fleur is a self-taught artist who studied Hotel Management but nothing is more fulfilling for her than creating and sharing her art.


Lucy Miller

Lucy Miller is an artist who rediscovered her paints during lockdown. Her style is uplifting and she’s inspired by the hidden corners, gardens and traditional side of Dubai. She works in mixed media and likes to use elements of collage and highly textured finishes.


Marry Alameri

Marry Alameri is UAE based artist, who is passionate about creating unique decor accessories using crochet and macrame techniques.

Her wish is to inspire more young people into crafting and getting creative with yarns, and to keep crocheting, knitting and macrame not to be forgotten.


Nimra Noman

Nimra is a Henna artist from Pakistan, living in Dubai since 2017. When she was only 7 she started to explore this ancient art form and got completely fascinated. Nimra loves to design and create intricate patterns, striving for perfection in her detailed henna art work.


Noura Alblooki

Noura Alblooki is a journalist, writer, content producer and a member of Untitled Chapters. She majors in International Affairs with a minor in Communication and Media Sciences. She believes that writing connects us. Her writing never discriminates, which is why it is her weapon of change.


Rubab Zahra

Rubab Zahra is a professional Calligraphy and Abstract artist, based in Dubai. Her
moniker styles of painting are Abstract Art as well as Traditional Arabic
Calligraphy, contemporary Arabic Calligraphy and fusion of abstract and traditional
calligraphy Art.
Rubab prefers using warm and bright colors to bring life to her paintings. She works with
a wide variety of media
Her work is mainly inspired by current events, social issues and UAE culture.
Rubab aims to conserve the Sacred Art of Arabic Calligraphy; hence her work
consists of traditional Islamic, Arabic art series and to connect it to the modern world
she has developed modern and contemporary versions of it.


Stefania Nazzal

Swiss born, Dubai based mixed media contemporary artist, Stefania Nazzal has been honing her skills since 1998.
Her inspiration combines her attraction for fiction, fables and tales story like and her attraction to the power of color, energy and balance through the theory of light; specifically the rainbow phenomenon which she was drawn to from a young age

Stefania uses mixed media to create bold works that are often dreamlike and paradoxical. Creating a visual effect using PVC strings as a unique medium to achieve vibrant colors and textured surfaces.

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