XLIX - 49 in roman numerals

The XLIX art project is a collaboration of 30+ female artists. Griet van Den Auwelant created 49 identical concrete dolls, each doll will be decorated and finalized by one of the artists according to her art specialty. All dolls are projected to be finished by early 2021.

At the 50th anniversary of the UAE a 50th doll will be added, one multiple times the size of the other sculptures. 3D printed in concrete with projection mapping of the designs of the small dolls.

The XLIX project will hold several public exhibitions. Considered locations are the opera, D3, City walk, The Beach, Expo 2020… we are open for any suggestions and support in finding and securing public space. The first exhibit is planned to start on February 2021 to March 8, international women’s day.

After exhibiting, the sculptures will be auctioned and the proceeds will go to a diversity and women empowerment focused charity.

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