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Solo exhibitions and art projects

Griet Van den Auwelant's imagination comes to life in thematic exhibitions that have been lauded by critics and colleagues. Her magical ceramic sculptures live in a world of their own. They have names and qualities and personalities. These are some of their stories. 


GAlleria d'arte extraterrestre

Solo exhibition at from September 9, 2021.


XLIX - all female art collaboration

The XLIX art project is a collaboration of over 30 female artists. Griet Van den Auwelant designed one original clay doll, a mold was cast and 49 identical concrete dolls were created, each doll is decorated and finalized by one of the artists according to her art specialty. 


The lucky thirteen

Solo Exhibition at in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in January and February 2020.



Griet tells stories using unique ceramic art pieces. Often they are dolls and characters she dreams up. In that creation process she creates small heads that might or might not get to play a part in the next story. These "hedz" have their own character, power and virtue. Below is the growing list of hedz.



A mix of animal trophies, imaginary creatures and giant bugs. In Griet's magical stories ceramic art dolls play the main charachters, often they encounter other creatures that represent toys, are new species or out of proportion to the real world.  Below is the growing list of Taxidermix.

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